Sport-Related Courses Offered at the University of Illinois

Where available, each link transports you to the Timetable description of the course (Fall, '02).

KINES 100. Developmental Actvities
KINES 101. Dance Actvities
KINES 102. Individual & Dual Activities
KINES 103. Indoor Court Actvities
KINES 104. Skating Activities
KINES 106. Swimming Activities
KINES 107. Aquatic Sport Activities
KINES 109. Team Sport Activities
KINES 120. Injuries in Sport
KINES 122. Physical Activity, Physical Fitness, and Health
KINES 131. Movement Skills: Fitness
KINES 132. Movement Skills: Swimming
KINES 133: Movement Skills: Dance
KINES 134. Movement Skills: Gymnastics
KINES 135. Movement Skills: Field Activities
KINES 136. Movement Skills: Racquet Activities
KINES 140. Social Science of Human Movement
KINES 142: Contemporary Issues in Sport
KINES 239: Coaching Strategies
KINES 240: Social and Psychological Aspects of Phys. Act.
KINES 244: Anthropology of Play
KINES 249: Sport and Modern Society
KINES 341: Games in Culture
KINES 342: Body Politics
KINES 394: Ancient Greek History in Modern Kinesiology

LEIST 100: Society and Leisure
LEIST 110: Foundations for Delivery of Leisure Services
LEIST 252: Introduction to Sport Management
LEIST 316: Leisure and Human Development
LEIST 320: Leisure Services Marketing
LEIST 329: Contemporary Issues in Leisure Services
LEIST 401: Foundations of Leisure Studies
LEIST 494: Legal Aspects of Sport (Sec: LS)
LEIST 494: Marketing Sport (Sec: MS)


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