Letter of Welcome

Sport Studies Committee
Sport, Research, and Education
web address: sport.als.uiuc.edu

To: UIUC Faculty
From: Wojtek Chodzko-Zajko, PhD, Kinesiology
Cary McDonald, PhD, Leisure Studies

Date: 2/26/02

Re: Sport Studies Committee established - Search for Interested Faculty

In February 2001 the College of Applied Life Studies, in collaboration with the Division of Intercollegiate Athletics and the Departments of Kinesiology and Leisure Studies, first met to discuss the feasibility of establishing a campus-wide Sport Studies Committee. The mission of this joint venture was clear: promote, coordinate, and oversee collaborative projects in the area of sport-related research, education, and professional development. Now, exactly one year later, we are pleased to announce that our vision for the Sport Studies Committee has become a reality.

The Sports Studies Committee is composed of the following individuals:

Wojtek Chodzko-Zajko, Kinesiology, Chair
Cary McDonald, Leisure Studies
Terry Cole, DIA
Sally Ross, DIA
Steve Ross, Law
James Anderson, Educ. Policy

The Sport Studies Committee is intended to facilitate cutting-edge research and development programs, offer mutually beneficial learning experiences for students and faculty, and advance pro-active community outreach projects that engage with policy-makers, civic leaders, and both amateur and professional organizations.

Objectives of the Committee include:

  • Identifying Faculty with Research Interests in Sport Studies
  • Organizing a campus-wide colloquium series on Sport
  • Facilitating interdisciplinary research proposals & projects
  • Providing seed money for exceedingly dynamic proposals
  • Disseminating information about courses in the area of Sport
  • Providing research support for faculty

We invite you to join the Sport Studies Committee:

One of the first goals for the Committee is to compile a directory of researchers and scholars working in the area of Sport Studies. Whether sport studies is your area of specialization or comprises just a small branch of your research agenda, you are invited to submit a brief biographical sketch (description of research interests; 5 most relevant publications; research keywords; photo) for publication in the Committee Directory and on the Committee Website.

Bio Sketch Information:

1. Name
2. Position
3. Contact Information
4. Research Summary (one paragraph, maximum 250 words)
5. Publications: (restricted to 5 most relevant articles)
6. List 5 keywords which summarize your research interests.
7. B/W or Color photo (jpg or bmp format). If you already have a photo on your
departmental website, you can simply direct us to the appropriate url.

To view our sample bio sketches, please visit the Committee website at

To submit information:
1. Input information yourself by completing the web-based form
2. E-mail the requested information to sport@als.uiuc.edu by July 15, 2002.


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