Michael D. Giardina

Doctoral Candidate
Kinesiology, Cultural Studies & Interpretive Research

Department of Kinesiology
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Louise Freer Hall, mc-052
906 S. Goodwin Avenue
Urbana, IL 61801
Phone: (217) 367-6727
Fax: (217) 244-7322
E-mail: giardina@uiuc.edu

Degree: Ph.D., University of Illinois (in progress); M.S., University of Illinois (2001).

Areas of Interest: Cultural Studies, Popular Culture, Interpretive & Ethnographic Methods, Postmodernism, Globalization

My current research focuses on the intersecting planes of trans/national identity, popular culture, and sport within post/modern America. Working through the lens of postmodern cultural studies, my research is focused on the conceptual questions concerning the nature of politics, the operation of power, and, ultimately, the possibilities for resistance within a media-dominated society. Concurrently, I seek to advance the interpretive interactionist project set forth by Norman K. Denzin, merging my research with Creative Analytic Practice (CAP) ethnography to theorize new ways of writing about sport, the body, and culture.

Recent Publications

Giardina, M.D. (2002). Things we said tomorrow: Political dissent in a time of "national crisis." In N.K. Denzin (Ed.), Studies in Symbolic Interaction: A Research Annual. Stamford, CT: JAI Press.

Giardina, M.D. (2001). Global Hingis: Flexible citizenship and the transnational celebrity. In D.L. Andrews & S.J. Jackson (Eds.), Sport stars: The cultural politics of sporting celebrity (pp. 201-217). London: Routledge.

Giardina, M.D., & Metz, J.L. (in press). Women's sports in postmodern America: Body politics and the corporo-empowerment of "Everyday Athletes." In S.J. Jackson & D.L. Andrews (Eds.), Sport, culture, and advertising: Identities, commodities, and the politics of representation. Westport, CT: Prager Press.

Giardina, M.D., & Metz, J.L. (in press). The Disneyfication of citizenship: Corporate (trans)nationalism(s), soccer, and global (W)USA. In M. Silk, D.L. Andrews, and C.L. Cole (Eds.), Corporate nationalism(s): Sport, cultural identity, and transnational marketing. Oxford, England: Berg Publishers.

Giardina, M.D., & Metz, J.L. (2001). Celebrating humanity: Olympic marketing and the homogenization of multiculturalism. International Journal of Sports Marketing & Sponsorship: Special Issue (Transnational Marketing and Sponsorship), 3 (2), 203-223


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