Jennifer Terry, Ph.D.

Associate Professor
Comparative Cultural Studies
The Ohio State University
Ph.D., University of California, Santa Cruz








Jennifer Terry is a professor of women's studies and comparative cultural studies at The Ohio State University, where she employs transdisciplinary methodology to her research, combining cultural analysis, critical geography, history, science studies, and transnational gender/sexuality studies. Her first book, An American Obsession: Science, Medicine, and Homosexuality in Modern Society (University of Chicago Press, 1999), was widely reviewed in numerous academic publications, and shed light on the multi-layered technologies of science and sexuality dominating American life. Her current book, Sentiments in Transit (forthcoming), explores changing modalities and qualities of sentiments in light of new communication technologies, asking how tele-mediation may alter the expression of such things as love, hate, rage, passion, indifference, desire, and repulsion.


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