Wojtek Chodzko-Zajko, Ph.D.

Professor and Department Head, Kinesiology

Department of Kinesiology
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Louise Freer Hall, mc-052
906 S. Goodwin Avenue
Urbana, IL 61801
Phone: (217) 244-0823
Fax: (217) 244-7322
E-mail: wojtek@uiuc.edu

Degree: Ph.D., Purdue University, 1984; Post-Doctoral, Center for Research on Aging, Purdue University, 1985-87.

Areas of Interest: Aging, Physical Activity, Public Policy, Public Health

Wojtek's primary research interests are in the area of aging and physical activity. For the past fifteen years he has focused on the effect of exercise and physical activity on sensory, motor, and cognitive functioning in old age. In support of this research project, Dr. Chodzko-Zajko established on going longitudinal studies of exercise and aging at both Kent State University and the University of Alabama.

Dr. Chodzko-Zajko served on the World Health Organization, Scientific Advisory Committee which issued Guidelines for Physical Activity in Older Adults. He also serves on the American College of Sports Medicine Strategic Health Initiative on Aging and Exercise. Dr. Chodzko-Zajko is Editor of the Journal of Aging and Physical Activity. He is also President of the International Society on Aging and Physical Activity. In 1999 he served as chairperson of the 5th World Congress on Physical Activity, Aging and Sports.

Recent Publications

Chodzko-Zajko, W.J. Successful Aging in the New Millennium: The Role of Regular Physical Activity, Quest, 52, 333-3439, 2000.

Chodzko-Zajko W.J. (2000). Biological Theories of Aging, In B. Bonder (Ed) Functional Performance in Older Adults, Davis & Co, Phil.

Chodzko-Zajko W.J. (1999) Improving quality of life in old age: The role of regular physical activity, The Aging Male, 2:218-222.

Chodzko-Zajko, W.J.(1999). Improving quality of life in old age. The role of regular physical activity, Proceedings of the International Scientific Meeting AO Papel Da Actividada Fisica, Porto, Portugal@, University of Porto Press, pp. 105-117.

Chodzko-Zajko, W.J. (1999). Retaining and Increasing Competence in Later Life: the Role of Physical Activity. Proceedings of the International Scientific Meeting ASport - Health - Old Age, Bled, Slovenia@, Olympic Academy of Slovenia, pp. 25-31.


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